Yogi's Invade Denver Airport!

26th October 2017

Yogi's Invade Denver Airport!
Airports can be a stressful place, and on November 6th a private airport yoga and meditation concept, Yoga on the Fly, will be opening their first studio in Denver International Airport's Concourse A to conquer the tension of travelling.

What's Included in the Airport Yoga Studio?

The studio will provide weary travellers with mats and headsets for the guided yoga classes and breathing exercises that will be presented via iPad. There will also be wellness-experts on hand to answer any questions.

There will be 5 private studios and a retail area for yoga-tastic travel accessories such as comfortable carry-on bags and water-cooling bottles. There is also a "beauty bar" area for customers to freshen up - with various pampering products to help prepare for take-off, including cleansing towels, face mist and essential oils for the skin.

Denver is the First of Many!

Denver was chosen as the first home for Yoga on the Fly as its location within the U.S makes it home to a large amount of lay-overs, so it's the ideal place to launch a service for people in need of a refreshing break from the airport waiting area.

It is well suited, as Colorado is one of the most active states in the country, perfectly representing the values of Yoga on the Fly and making it an excellent place to launch their first "wellness escape".

More locations will be launched in 2018. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

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