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The Complete Over 50's Guide To Yoga

4th April 2017

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Finding a Yoga class at the age of 50+ can be a little scary, especially if you don't exercise regularly or you have a health condition. However, if you fit in to this age category you probably need it more than anyone else. A recent study has shown that people who begin practising yoga at 50 often maintain a great level of mobility and independence in their later years.

I imagine if you're new to yoga, you'll have a lot of questions. You might not want to accidentally join a power yoga class with a fit 20 year old! Luckily for you, this handy guide to over 50s yoga will tell you everything you need to know.

What are the benefits of over 50s Yoga?

Movement – Yoga is a great alternative to weight-lifting or running as it is low impact, but you get all of the benefits of moving and remaining active. Regular exercise reduces the risk of Chronic disease by 40%! Yoga is a great way to keep mobile and build strength without lifting heavy weights above your head!

Flexibility – The gentle stretching of Yoga will help you develop more supple and flexible muscles. This will help you maintain a good range of motion as you age. This reduces the risk of falls and will prevent daily activities from becoming too challenging. If you bend over to pick up a heavy laundry basket, you need to have a degree of flexibility in your lower back.

Relieve Menopausal Discomfort – A variety of Yoga exercises can be used to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Whether you're suffering from anxiety, painful menstruation or hot flashes Yoga will be able to help.

Mind-Body – Having a little bit of me time can help you to relax and de-stress. In return this will benefit your health. Stress has been directly linked to the immune system, psychological conditions and recovery from injury.

Meeting New People – Yoga classes are a great chance to meet like minded people. Rather than getting out in the early morning running in the cold and the rain, you can enjoy the warm Yoga studio and possibly lunch with your friends after your class! Doesn't that sound better?

Which yoga classes are best for over 50s?

This largely depends on your fitness levels and experiences, so here are a few that might suit you:

Over 50s Yoga classes – these focus less on dynamic movements and more on static asanas and the mind body connection. These classes are great for improving flexibility, calming your mind and remaining active.

Gentle Yoga Classes– Similarly to over 50s these classes are less physical and more relaxed. They are open to all ages so are often used for injury recovery, people with illnesses, seniors or complete beginners.

Power yoga classes – If you're over 50 you can still be a fitness fanatic! There are Power yoga classes are often very short and are more intense than your usual yoga class.

How can I find an over 50s yoga class?

To find a local over 50s yoga class all you need to do is search using Yoga Class Near You. Just type your location in to the handy search bar and it will show your local yoga studios. Once you have done this you can view all your local yoga instructors and decide which one suits you best.

Whether you're looking for an over 50s yoga class in Los Angeles or an Over 50s class in New York, there is sure to be something that suits you on Yoga Class Near You.

On your mobile? Just download the 'NearYou' App and book yourself in on your iPhone or iPad!

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