Yoga in LA

29th November 2018

Yoga in LA

When it comes to yoga, L.A's reputation precedes it.

Yoga in Los Angeles is about as commonplace as grocery stores and gas stations and as unique as the neighborhoods they’re based in.

Whether you prefer a sunset class on the beach, or morning sessions with views of the city below from the top of a mountain, there are options available for all yogis.

Which celebrities are doing Yoga in LA?

Jennifer Aniston – Aniston is a faithful follower of the popular yoga called Bikram and believes in the results it gives. “My legs got leaner. My arms got strong. I’ve maybe even grown half an inch from aligning my spine,” Aniston said. Many actually believe that Bikram Yoga has become that popular because of her.

Vanessa Hudgens – In a perfect world, Vanessa goes three times a week. "I don't consider it fitness," she says. "It's more like therapy for me, it's good for the mind and the soul."
The 28-year-old divulged how she lost 10 lbs with Yoga. "I looked in the mirror and was like, 'Who am I?' It was definitely a journey back to myself, and yoga helped."

The growing hype about Yoga in Los Angeles

All industry experts say that yoga’s popularity is at an all-time high and the number of studios will continue to sky-rocket this year.

Now more than ever, Americans need yoga. So it’s good news that the number of studios opening in Los Angeles continues to rise.

Yogis have plenty of yoga studios and classes to choose from in Los Angeles, which is often described as the yoga capital of the Western world. It can be difficult to choose which classes are the best with such a wide variety available.

More and more Yoga teachers in Los Angeles

Yoga studios are popping up all over town, and LA hosts some of the very best yoga teachers in the USA.

Names such as

Simi Cruz

, who practices Ashtanga Yoga, learned Sun Salutations from her mom, and she began taking yoga classes at 18. She spent the next 10 years at “YogaWorks” in Ezraty's class six days per week. "I do something different with every student," she says. "I get one-on-one time with all of them, and I get to design a practice that's good for them individually, which is how yoga was meant to be taught." And she hopes to give her students the tools to practice in a way that's safe and healing for them.

Marla Apt

teaches lyengar Yoga. Her mother took her to an Iyengar class in Los Angeles 17 years ago, and Apt was immediately hooked. "It was the first yoga class where I saw the technique was able to embody the philosophy."

Yoga helps

Sean Gray

resolve grief and depression, inspiring her to help others. For his lessons, you need an extra towel and a full bottle of water to this class, because Sean Gray’s studio heats up like a Bikram studio. Gray’s classes are perfect for yogis looking to deepen their practice and push their limits through invigorating breath work and rigorous sequences.

Molly O’Neill

"I remember working out at the gym in Philadelphia and watching the yoga classes fogging up the windows. It took me months to actually go to a class because was terrified of doing it wrong and looking silly. But I finally took the plunge and went to my first class. And although I thought the whole thing was crazy and confusing…I liked it."

Whether looking to heat up their practice or wind it down, Molly O’Neill’s Yoga classes are perfect for yogis at all levels. With the belief that yoga should be fun, Molly ensures that all of her students feel safe and fulfilled.

Mahatma Anand Guru Yogi Ramesh

he is the founder of Universal Temple of yoga and inner peace in Paramount, California, 1997. He started practicing yoga at the age of 5 in the Himalayan mountains. He came to the USA in 1984. He has been practicing an ancient science of spiritual yoga for the last 55 years.

He is famous for creating Laughing Yoga. He has appeared on countless television shows. He has presented the Laughing yoga show for the last 15 years in Los Angeles. He is an internal celebrity Guru to the stars.

Yogi's goal is to create a stress and disease free world by practicing the spiritual science of yoga for the new healthy and happy life. He is also running a Laughing club in Downey and Paramount.
You can visit his yoga classes in Hollywood and California, Los Angeles.

Nicole Doherty

is a Yoga Teacher and Trainer, Shamanic Reiki Healer, Life and Wellness Coach, Singer and Writer. Trough the study of various healing arts and a disciplined yoga practice, Nicole spent most of her life on an extensive spiritual inquiry that empowered her to overcome multiple traumas in her life ultimately finding love, light and sustained joy. What she discovered on this path to wholeness fuels her passion to inspire others to heal and find their highest potential.

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