Will the Alo Yoga clothing brand become the wellness epicentre of the USA?

21st October 2022

Will the Alo Yoga clothing brand become the wellness epicentre  of the USA?

Alo Yoga is the new kid on the block who is making major moves. In this last week they have just released a new podcast, “Alo Mind Full” which already has over half a million views in 8 days.

The podcast featured Ye one of the biggest musicians, and creators in the world. He shared with them his vision for the future, and praised the excellence of what Alo Yoga and it's co-found Danny Harris are doing. 

When talking about Alo Yoga, Kanye West praised the fact that they produce their products domestically in the US. In the podcast he said, “People in manufacturing, people that work in clothes, they say the biggest threat to America is Chinese manufacturing and us not having domestic manufacturing. And you see this example here [with Alo], where there’s something different.”

It is clear during the podcast that Ye recognises the achievements Alo are making in the manufacturing side of the business, in fact they are changing the game in manufacturing, and have created a brand that is so powerful, that just the logo itself carries a strong message to the public. 

When describing the power of the logo of Yeezy and Alo Yoga, Kanye West said “A logo can express and take you, you know, a long way. Putting graphics on the side of a shirt can express something. These signifiers of who we are and what we’re down with. But I definitely envision a world where we don’t have to have these signifiers. We don’t have to tell people out loud who we voted on — that can be something private.” 

Alo Yoga's brand is so powerful because it doesn't just stand for a clothing company but something much more. 

In an interview before the podcast Danny Harris said, “We believe that influencer, fashion, entertainment, music, education of wellness, they all need to merge, so then [wellness] things can go mainstream and inspire people to live these better lives”. 

Many influencers and celebrities are seen wearing Alo Yoga clothing. On social media Alo Yoga appears everywhere. In our current age, this is free advertisement for the company that has a strong effect on consumers around the world. When they see their favourite celebrity or influencer wearing Alo Yoga, they want it too. This is the same effect Kanye West had on mainstream fashion. When other musicians and creators were caught wearing Yeezy's or his new clothing line, people would rush out to buy his products. This allowed Kanye West to increase the prices of his products and still sell out in minutes. Alo Yoga are following in these footsteps by releasing a new luxury clothing brand called the “Aspen Collection”which they revealed at New York Fashion Week. 

This “Aspen Collection” is very similar to the Gap-Balenciaga drop that Kanye West did. Alo Yoga are releasing the drop with a limited number of items, at higher prices than their normal line. They are designing it to be high end fashion, and are presenting it like a Balenciaga, or Prada launch. The best example of this is when Kanye West recently teamed up with Deama who is the creative director of Balenciaga, and unveiled the Ye-Balenciaga clothing. It blends high fashion with street fashion.

Alo are using similar techniques of having a select number of items, and building anticipation for the drop so that the products sell out in minutes. It may be that Danny Harris and Ye have been having conversations as to how to strengthen the Alo brand even more, and make it a must have product in everyones life. Ye has mastered this and it seems he is sharing these ideas with Danny Harris who is applying it very well to the wellbeing industry. 

The power of social media, great manufacturing, a mission of making wellness mainstream is a strong force in this current day and age.

Teaming up with Ye for their podcast is another great move but this is just the beginning for Alo. It is reported that “Alo Yoga continues to grow its retail fleet (with international locales on the horizon), celebrity collaborations, metaverse activations and product launches.”

They are making light work of building a behemoth brand that is everywhere, and universally worn by all.

They are not just focusing on clothing, but music too now. Last Decemeber, Danny Harris mentioned that they are building a music studio in the Los Angeles Headquarters. He said “if you can inspire the entertainment world, there’s really no bigger megaphone than music. We want recordings, if you will, of health and wellness-type stuff. If you were interested, say, in coming out with your next rap song, this is probably not the right recording studio, unless you’re incorporating wellness into it.”

Danny Harris is building a community of like-minded people with a goal of raising human consciousness. 

“I want to inspire people in these communities to be able to live these extraordinary lives. And then also, hopefully, to be able to educate or inspire influencers through their own following [in order] to educate people in regards to the practice of yoga or mindfulness, or to quieting their negative subconscious and amplifying their positive subconscious.”

Danny Harris is using similar methods as We-Work building wellness physical locations to promote the brand. 

Something Ye agrees with and shares in the interview. Alo Yoga have a winter house based in California where this community building takes place. They are using similar methods to We-Work in regards to having large locations with many amenities on offer for influencers to promote the brand. For example, in the California Winter House they have a yoga and meditation room, reiki healers, masseuses, ice skating rink, sound bath, coffee and tea specialty wellness bar, a recording studio with producer Benny Blanco and four podcast rooms, in addition to the 10,000-square-foot gym, 80-person yoga studio and 100-person movie theatre in their southern California headquarters.” These offer this for free to people they invite to the house, who in return post pictures of them having fun in Alo's Winter House. Alo Yoga is about who is wearing the brand, and what they stand for. They are using influencers to take a hold of the market, and then expanding into music, entertainment, and more. 

This method has worked very well for Alo Yoga because they have built a strong brand and they are reportedly making well over 200 million dollars a year in revenue according to Danny Harris.

He said that their recent moves to develop the Alo Yoga Winter House and Southern Californian headquarters are 100% financially backed by themselves.

He also states that “Alo Yoga can finance anything ourselves. If we wanted to open up 100 stores next year we could. But we don’t want to.” 

These are small moves for a company and co-founder who strives to make Alo the “the epicenter of health and wellness and education of the world.”

The podcast is fascinating because it blends two visionaries with huge ambitions for the future, with attitudes that everything is possible which we talk about in our last article, how to make the impossible become possible.

These are two visionaries to watch, and a podcast that is worth listening to. It requires an open mind, one which see's that everything is possible, and you will quickly see the greatness that is unfolding before our eyes. 


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