Top Yoga Trends For 2018

21st December 2017

Top Yoga Trends For 2018
It's getting to that time of the year where your local yoga instructor will be planning exciting new yoga courses starting in 2018. But with new genres of yoga popping up all the time, how can you be expected to keep up with which trends are set to make it big in 2018? Luckily for you, Yoga Class Near You have put together this handy blog to ensure you don't miss out on anything. We'll even tell you where to find them!

Are you looking to try something different to your local hatha yoga class? Is your nearby hot yoga class getting a little repetitive? With the new year upon us, lets make a change from the stale fitness routines of the past and take on a fresh approach for 2018.

Here are our hand picked trends that you can expect to go large in 2018:

Couples Yoga Classes

Couples yoga classes are a great opportunity to get up close and personal with your partner whilst going through some yoga positions. Many people consider yoga verging on tantric, so if you're one of those trendy fit couples of 2018 this could be the steamy workout you're looking. You can also enjoy the other benefits of improving communication, trust and adding a little bit of sparkle back in to your relationship.

Floating Yoga Classes

The ultimate core stability challenge. Floating yoga is all about performing those tricky movements whilst balancing on what is effectively a surf board! Don't worry, you won't be thrown in the deep end (literally!), you'll have ample opportunity to practise your positions on dry land first. If you're looking for a next level practise that will be making a splash in 2018, then floating yoga classes are for you.

Yoga Wheels

Equipment yoga classes have proven to be extremely popular in 2017. Recently, it has been plain to see across social media that Yogi's of all experiences are using yoga wheels – which we predict are set to take the lead in yoga practise for 2018. Yoga wheels come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of reasons including back, chest and shoulder opening to quad and hip stretching. Whether being used in poses such as bridges, or upside down with headstands, yoga wheels are a must try piece of yoga apparatus for 2018.

Novelty Yoga Classes

Things certainly have been given a yogic twist this year.. So far we've had new trends such as Goat yoga classes (goga), dog yoga classes (doga) and beer yoga classes! At Yoga Class Near You we think it's all about the animals. What could be next.. Elephoga? Fishoga? The list goes on..

Family Yoga Classes

We know that making time to exercise in between ferrying children around can be nearly impossible. Which begs the question, why not bring them along? With people busier than ever, we predict a growing popularity for family yoga classes. These classes provide a great opportunity to spend some quality time together surrounded by uplifting energy that will enhance your yoga practise.

Yoga Fitness Trends 2018

Shredded Everything – It's clear to see that many yogi's are rocking the awesome shredded look and just can't get enough of it!

Crop Top Bra – Returning from the 90's, the crop top bra has continued to gain popularity. These are full coverage crop top bras that create a sassy and stylish look for you in the gym.

Harem Pants – A blend between traditional Indian sari pants and 'hammer pants', everyone is loving the harem pant look for yoga, travelling or even just cozying up at home. These pants are so compfy you won't want to take them off!

Body Suits – The ultimate studio to street look that can be worn to fit your style. It's especially popular because it is easy to add/remove layers before and after your class. This means your practise won't be interrupted by rearranging your shirt or pants!

How can I find a yoga course for 2018?

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