Top Tips for Yoga Entrepreneurs

19th March 2018

Top Tips for Yoga Entrepreneurs
Are you an aspiring Yoga entrepreneur who want to lift your business to new heights?

Top Tips for Yoga Entrepreneurs on how to use your Gut Instinct to Rock Out an Abundant Business!

The series called "Millionaire Yogi" starts Monday, March 19 and each day during the weekends another entrepreneur interview goes live for 3 days. The series will last until April 15th.

As part of an inner calling to help budding Yoga Entrepreneurs, Millionaire Yogi Spiritual Coach Sally Griffyn created this inspirational series that gives you insider’s knowledge how you can create an incredible yoga business and lifestyle.

These yoga entrepreneur handle global businesses and they’re going to show you how to create yours! If you only used ONE tip you’d be ahead of the game but in this online show you’ll be given so many tips there’s no excuse not to GO FOR IT!

Sit back and watch Entrepreneurs who have created hugely successful Yoga businesses!

Stephen Auty, CEO of Yoga Class Near You and Near You is one of the serial entrepreneurs being interviewed. He shares his inspiration, motivation and top tips on how to run a successful online yoga business. He has a huge experience in online marketing within the health and fitness industry having launched a series of leading health and fitness websites and mobile APPS in the USA and UK.

This episode is not the one to be missed. His interview will be aired on April 3.


Monday, March 19 - Christine McGrory - The Key
Tuesday, March 20 - Brett Moran / Wake the F#CK UP
Wednesday, March 21 - Zachary Towne-Smith / Kula Collective
Thursday, March 22 - Sydney Campos / Alignment Alchemist
Friday, March 23 - Coka Klug / Yoga Tribe
Monday, March 26 - Justin Stearman / Yoga Guide Magazine
Tuesday, March 27 - Heidi Hong / The Xanadu Life
Wednesday, March 28 - Emmy Wu / House of Vegannatti
Thursday, March 29 - Veroniek Vermeulen / Silitha Jewellery
Friday, March 30 - Lucy Edge / Yoga Clicks
Monday, April 2 - Rachel Wainwright / Exhale Yoga Retreats
Tuesday, April 3 - Stephen Auty / MyNearYou + YogaClassNearYou
Wednesday, April 4 - Michelle Catanach / Rise of the Badass
Thursday, April 5 - Ben Hunt-Davis / Will it make the boat go faster?
Friday, April 6 - Nathalie Kealy / Value your mind

Each interview is 20 minutes or under and plays for 3 days and then is replayed on the weekends.

Click the link below to view interviews.