Start your new years resolution with Yoga

4th January 2019

Start your new years resolution with Yoga

Start the new year with Yoga. Find a great yoga studio and get psyched up from 2019. Find great yoga teachers on Yoga USA.

Great Yoga classes

Chose from thousands of yoga classes, enjoy great instruction, learn from the best and have a great 2019. There are lots of classic yoga classes, everything from, Hatha, Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda yoga, to Jivamukti yoga plus a whole lot more.

Specialist yoga classes

Find specialist yoga classes, such pregnancy yoga classes, yoga for seniors, back pain, laughing yoga, chair yoga, yoga for athletes is all there for you.

Popular hybrid yoga classes

Like everything in life things move on and yoga like many other practices, moves on, adapts and innovates. New styles of yoga emerge such as Power Yoga, hot yoga, ice yoga, Ariel yoga, Hammock yoga. There's plenty to choose from and experiment with.

Great prices

Yoga has reached pretty much saturation point in many US cities. That's good news for people looking to start yoga or just find a new teacher because you can grab some good deals near you.

Shop around try free taster classes, or a months pass. This is an important time of year for yoga studios, its their big recruitment time so take advantage of some really good deals.

Yoga Near You

We make finding and booking a class easy. Use the website or NearYou mobile App to find a class near you.