Quiten the mind and get a good nights sleep

26th January 2021

Quiten the mind and get a good nights sleep

Many people under lockdown cannot sleep at the moment, or are struggling with intermittent sleep. Lockdown is preying on peoples minds.

This is entirely natural, since our minds are highly active worrying about many different things. Its worrying time for everyone, with jobs on the line, money problems, children at home, relationships under stress, and the fear of catching Covid-19.

In the minds of many, they are wondering when the lock down will end, and how they can take care of their family, money, even the worry of not getting enough sleep.

The mind is highly active and it continuously talks raising these questions, and analysing ways to solve them.

This is very natural, and for most people our minds are constantly chattering, analysing, projecting images or stories of some sort, and there is this constant mental noise.

The question is, can you let the mind be silent?

Can you let the mind just do whatever it is doing, and focus on something else whilst the mind chatters away.

As you are falling asleep, the mind is trying to solve all of the mysteries of challenges of life, whilst you are just resting, maybe listen to the sound of the rain, or the cars going past, or the sound of the wind against the roof, or the rising and falling of the breath.

Learn to forget the chatter, maybe you look at the glowing, changing lights in the room, or notice the sensations in your body.

It is such a beautiful thing. A beautiful realisation, that the mind can carry on its stories and problem solving, and analysis, whilst you are completely elsewhere, vast, infinite space.

This discovery will not just be present when you fall asleep, whenever anything is happening, you will know this space, this emptiness, in which the mind chatters, but it means absolutely nothing.

For many humans, when they see something, like a house, they will never refer to that thing as themselves.

However, it is very common for humans to claim that the objects that rise and fall in the mind or body are them.

This is me. This story is me. This mental chatter, feelings, sensations are me. They will pass.

Thus, when the mind is chattering at night, it is not left alone.

What a chaotic, overwhelming situation to be in.

Find a space for yourself.

People are suffering from a lack of space.

You can sleep anytime. Learn to remove the dramas and feelings of the mind. Think of it as a movie on a screen.

The film is always moving, changing, with much drama, but the screen is completely empty, not involved in anything.

The film has a beginning, a middle and end. It is passing, but the screen in which it is playing, is not passing.

If you look at the thoughts you had at 2am 3 weeks ago, what were they?

Can you remember the exact thoughts that were happening at 2am.

Where are they now?

The thoughts that appear to be important in the mind right now, in three weeks time, you will not be able to recall them.

The screen can't recall the film. It has no need, it is insignificant, the screen is a blank canvas.

When nothing is held on to, or believed in, what space and freedom is present in that human.

Everything is passing through them, but they are untouched.

Be like this. Find peace within yourself.

Forget your worries, anxieties, because all things pass.

Try this, and see what happens,

Try different things like lavender spray, or having a bath before bed, or maybe try a yoga exercise, playing music all help.

The key is to relax, forget the minds meanderings. Put bad thoughts outside. Focus on the real you.

If you're not tired why go to bed?

Another thing to note is sometimes we just are not tired. We have a lot of energy. This can be a beautiful thing, and can be embraced. Maybe watch a movie or read a book or do something you enjoy, even a late night walk or bike ride can be super beautiful, and dream-like.

Don't try to sleep if your mind is active.

It's best not to resist things, or try to force things to be a certain way, it will produce a struggle, which may not be necessary and only keep you awake.

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Yoga is gentle form of exercise that can help you unwind, relax, sooth away the distractions of the day.

Source: Saul Auty NearYou