Live Solstice event with Kaypache, Monte Cox,Laura Carillo, Eric Nies TV, and Sally Griffin.

10th December 2020

Live Solstice event with Kaypache, Monte Cox,Laura Carillo, Eric Nies TV, and Sally Griffin.

Livestream and video event, The Longest Night Before the Light on the 20/21stth December. A unique creative collaboration with Awoken TV, New Earth Visionaries, and NearYou.

Start times GMT

Sunday Dec 20 - Live Zoom 7 hours from 5pm GMT to Midnight GMT

Monday Dec 21 - View videos at your leisure.

For this event, we have an amazing line-up of speakers to help guides us into this great period of transition.

This is going to be a huge event with Livestreams hosted by Kaypache the popular YouTube astrologer, Monte Cox of Rebel Consciousness, Laura Carillo the CEO of AWOKEN TV, Eric Nies TV presenter and spiritual guide and Sally Griffin New CEO New Earth Visionaries.

Plus Film makers of “One Giant Leap” who will be sharing their film with us!

The Live zoom event will also include access to 35+ pre-recoded videos from around the world.

Videos from New Earth Visionaries from around the world. Who we will be announced on Instagram and Facebook @nearyou_official so be sure to check that out.

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Awoken TV is a streaming platform for amazing spiritual content from newly released films, to fascinating documentaries and profound short films, and New Earth Visionaries are working with creatives, astrologers, teachers to help make these events a reality.

We are so happy to help host this Live Solitice event on the NearYou platform

For this event, we will be hosting livestreams on the website on the 20th and 21st of December.

Background to this amazing online Solstice Event

On the 20th December, we are entering into the Aquarian Age, which is the age of Cosmic Evolution. This event will mark a significant time where humans around the world will be experiencing profound shifts in themselves, that can lead us to embrace our divinity, and light.

Our lives can radically change as we embrace these new opportunities, and we follow our deeper calling for truth, and lasting peace. 

All of this will help guide and support you on your journey within as we individually and collectively grow, and nourish each other with joy, celebration, fun, laughter and entertainment.

This is your invitation to celebrate life, and the cosmic shift that is happening as we grow in love, light and harmony. 

We look forward to seeing you, and we will continue to update you on our social media at @nearyou_official

There’ll be meditations, teaching, practices, rituals and ceremonies. Access on the weekend inspiring videos.

Andrea Love will lead us in a Winter Solstice Ceremony.

Chakra Mantras and Visualisations with Juicy!

Indrani, The Pleasure Queen, with your Ultimate Empowerment Guide to Synchronistic Wealth.

Yoga with Marc Laws.

Mona Naidoo: Out With the Old, In with the New - A Journey into the Lyght.

Amanda Noga teaching Ayurveda for a Happy Emotional State.

Patti Troisi will show you how to create greater Visibility through Tapping.

Beth Weinstein with Plant Medicine and Psychedelics.

Hayley Felton with a guided Heart Healing Meditation and a channeled Abundant Love Ritual for the Longest Nyght. 

Annie Truesdell with your guide to 2020 into 2021 Numerology and Recognising the Signs around us for what is coming.

Diana Luna Sampson with Yoga and tips for your Vitality at this darkest time of the year. 

Awakening to the Mystery of Oneness with Michele Amburgey, The Awakener.

Handwriting for the Soul with Misty Cogdill.

All you need to know about Birthing in the New Earth with Samantha Briatico, and calling in your Blue Diamond Soul Child with Zapheria Bell.

Natasha Harris with a powerfully guided meditation through the Akashic Records to activate and amplify our collective vision for the New Earth in 2021 and beyond. 

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Great Value Winter Solstice Event

2 day Event and video access only £35 approx $47.

2 day event with 3 months video pass access to 40 New Earth Visionaries only £77 approx $95.

Prices are in £s sterling book on line. US prices are indicative and may vary subject to currency rates.

Source: Saul Wrighting