Keep your employees feeling good with a workplace Yoga class

28th July 2017

Keep your employees feeling good with a workplace Yoga class
Many large companies offer competitive benefits to their employees. Often, this comes in the form of discounted gym membership amongst other perks.

However, small to medium sized businesses can't necessarily afford to discount memberships for all of their staff, so they need to seek more cost effective ways of providing work perks.

One that many provide is group exercise sessions, in a lot of cases Yoga. The cost of hiring a yoga teacher for a few lunchtime sessions each week is much less than buying gym memberships and there is a host of benefits attached.

Why should you hire a yoga teacher for your staff?

Regardless of the type of work your business does, there are benefits attached. Some of your staff might be stood up all day and want to relax there bodies, others may be sat at a desk for hours on end and need to do some light exercise to keep them feeling fresh. Either way, yoga can benefit productivity and well-being in the workplace.

Each year, the American Economy loses billions of dollars to back-pain related work sickness. This isn't just labor intensive jobs either, this is desk jobs where people have bad posture and limited movement.

A yoga session is gentle and will help you to loosen up the muscles and improve your range of motion. By being more flexible, this will prevent you from feeling stiff or aching when you move around at work. It will also strengthen the back muscles around the spine, allowing you to improve your posture and move freely.

Another leading cause of workplace sickness is stress. Stress can plague anyone, even for non-work related reasons and sometimes it just gets a bit too much. But for those who are getting overwhelmed in the work place, a short break during the day to release some stress and focus their mind will be beneficial to productivity and mental health.

Yoga is also good for fitness. For those who are sat in chairs all day, it's easy to gain weight. Yoga is light exercise that helps you to keep fit, create a more positive self-image and can prompt you to think about nutrition. As a result, you'll have lower blood pressure, more efficient breathing and improved fitness.

There is also a morale benefit to having an in-house yoga session. It's a great way for employees to enjoy some relaxed social time together and offers the change for staff in different departments to get to know each other. It will help build relationships in the workplace and that is a huge benefit to both employer and employee.

How to find a workplace yoga teacher

Many Yoga teachers now offer bigger corporate yoga sessions, even if they don't strictly advertise it on their website. For them, it's really no different to teaching regular group classes.

To find a yoga teacher, simply download the 'NearYou' App and enter your zip code. This will show you all of the yoga teachers who run classes in your local area. Once you've found one you're interested in, you can contact them to discuss further what you had in mind and they'll be able to use their expertise to create a yoga session that will work.

Alternatively, you can head to the homepage of Yoga Class Near You and enter your location to start searching for a local yoga instructor.
Source: Yoga Class Near You