Escaping the city life through Yoga

30th April 2018

Escaping the city life through Yoga
Yoga has become increasingly popular within the past few years, and its presence is growing. With a market value of $16 billion in the US market alone, it is clear that yoga is thriving. The size of the market and amount of people consuming yoga products or classes is small, in comparison to the speed of its growth. Almost three-quarters of people in the United States have been practising for less than five years, and its movement has spread rapidly across the UK and USA. According to the Sanskrit definition of yoga, “Yoga is both a state of connection and a body of techniques that allow us to connect to anything.” In this fashion, there has been a connection, between the practice and the Western world. The contagious spread of yoga has led to people feeling like they cannot get enough of the connection with their being, body, or world around them.

The Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal conducted a survey of 2000 people in the United States. The purpose of the study was to see how people perceive yoga, how many are practising it, and its growth in recent years. One of their key findings was the growth from 20 million to 37 million people undertaking yoga in three years. If this advancement perpetuates there will have to be a widening in the number of yoga studios in our cities. We will find more people practising before and after work, and increasing yoga trends on social media, which in some locations is already happening. The Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal also found that 86% of people said that they experienced a strong sense of mental clarity after practising yoga. This is exceedingly beneficial. One of the great lessons of yoga is that “everything is connected”. People are choosing to exercise this ability to become aware to “change your posture and change the way you breathe. Change your breathing and you change your nervous system.” This butterfly effect of yoga, to induce positive corrections all across our bodies, is beyond measure. Thus, it is no wonder that the movement is spreading across the world.

Our daily lives are under increasing scrutiny, with more people being able to see what we are doing through social media or the internet. On top of this, work hours are increasing, and cities are becoming crowded. Yoga has encouraged people to focus on meditation and the present moment. Using yoga, we are able to live in the present moment and find stillness amongst the crowded streets. Thus, the influence of yoga has been monumental in changing lives. Yoga has also been fundamental in allowing us to protect our well-being during chaotic times. There are individuals who may resist the power of this movement, but the seed has already been planted and will grow. A tree shall form, and we must make the most this. There are many forms in which the fruits of yoga can be passed to us, like the relief from stress, or relaxation.

If you feel that you would like to be nourished by liberation, or finding the stillness from yoga that you deserve, you should pursue the practice. Yoga is thriving, and all it has taken was for a seed to be planted, maybe if you planted a seed, you shall feel its powerful effects too.

Article written by Saul Auty