5 easy yoga poses seniors can try at home

10th November 2022

5 easy yoga poses seniors can try at home

As the weather turns colder and crisper, you may feel reluctant to leave your home's cosiness for your daily dose of yoga.

Seniors can practising yoga to improve motion and flexibility.

Anyone anywhere can start practising yoga, even if they find that their mobility is restricted.

We’ve pulled together some easy yoga poses to get you started in your own home, with some suggested variations to suit a range of mobility levels.

1. Mountain Pose

The Mountain Pose is the foundation for many standing yoga poses. It’s a great starting point for improving your balance and helping you stand straight and tall!

How to Do It

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your knees soft and relaxed. Drop your arms by your side, with your palms facing outwards. Roll your shoulders backwards, slowly, and gently – it’s not a race! Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and relieve any stiff muscles.

Make It Easier

Practise the Mountain Pose near a wall, so you can reach out for support if you happen to lose balance.

Challenge Yourself

Lift your arms straight up past your head to lengthen and stretch the spine.


Seated Variation

Grab a chair and sit down with both feet planted firmly on the ground, hip distance apart. Inhale slowly and sit up tall to stretch your spine. Roll your shoulders backwards slowly and drop your hands down by your sides. Gently breathe in and out, feeling the rise and fall of your chest.

2. Tree Pose

One of the most well-known yoga poses, the Tree Pose helps you to strengthen your core muscles as well as teaches you to balance.

How to Do It

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, place your hands on your hip. Similar to the Mountain Pose, roll your shoulders backwards, feel your shoulder blades squeeze together, and then relax. 

Slowly adjust your weight so that you’re standing on your left foot. Gently place your right foot against your ankle. When you’ve found your balance and feel comfortable, you can try clasping your hands together in front of you in a prayer-like position or lift your arms over your head. Take several deep breaths in and out and find your grounding. 

Repeat on the other leg.

Make It Easier

Stand with your back against the wall for extra support whilst you’re learning the Tree Pose.


Challenge Yourself

As your body adjusts to the pose, you could try lifting your foot above your ankle to work your core harder. Just avoid placing your foot directly on your knee.

Seated Variation

Sit on a chair with your legs planted firmly on the ground. Inhaling, lift your right leg and rest your ankle on your left thigh. To reduce the difficulty level, you can try placing your right leg out to your right side, which will open your hips. Use a yoga block or some books to elevate your leg until you feel a stretch. 

When you’re comfortable, exhale and lift your arms above your head, placing them together. In this position, take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. 

Remember to repeat the pose on the other leg.


3. Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow Pose helps your blood to flow around your body and is a useful warm-up exercise. It also feels great to stretch your spine out like a lazy cat!


How to Do It

On a yoga mat or a thick towel, start on your hands and knees. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders with your fingers pointing forwards and spread apart to support your weight. Your knees should be a hip distance apart. 

Breathing in through your nose, lift your head gently upwards while dropping your belly towards the ground. Your back should naturally arch. This is the cow part of the pose.

As you breathe out, pull your belly button towards your spine and round your back towards the ceiling like a cat. You should feel your spine elongating. 

Repeat a few times, while focusing on your breathing. 

Make It Easier

If you have difficulty supporting your weight with your wrists, try placing your forearms on the floor. 

Seated Variation

Sit on your chair with both feet on the ground. Make sure your hips and thighs are parallel to the floor. You may find that you need some yoga blocks or a few books to adjust your feet until you’re in the right position. 

Inhaling, move your chest forwards, which will cause your back to start arching. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift your chin off your chest. Exhaling, round your back out and drop your gaze towards the floor. 

Repeat the exercise 3-4 times to really get your blood flowing.

4. Cobra Pose

Another floor pose, the Cobra Pose helps build strength in your arms, legs and upper back.

How to Do It

Start by lying face down on the floor. Place your hands on the floor, directly under your shoulders. Push your chest off the floor, while rolling your shoulders back and looking upwards. Remember to breathe gently and evenly. Each time you exhale, you can push yourself a little higher, within your range of motion.


Make It Easier

If you’ve got a wrist injury or mobility issue, place your forearms on the ground to support your weight, instead of your hands. The Cobra Pose can also be performed against a wall if getting down to the floor is tricky.

Challenge Yourself

To up the intensity level, start from a plank position as this will engage your core even more, but don’t try this one if you have a back injury.

Seated Variation

From a seated position, with your feet firmly on the ground and thighs parallel to the floor, place your hands on your knees and lean forwards. As you breathe in, gently use your hands to push your torso away from your thighs. You should start to feel your back arch and your spine stretch. As you breathe out, fold yourself forwards towards your knees.

5. The Corpse Pose

The Corpse Pose focuses the mind and improves concentration. It also helps to empty your mind and reduce stress, making it the perfect pose for the end of a busy day.

How to Do It

Lie down on your back. Allow your hands and feet to flop into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. With each exhale, let your mind and body sink deeper into a relaxed state. Feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. Listen to the sound of your breathing. Enjoy the quiet contemplation time.

Seated Variation

If your mobility is restricted, you can enjoy the same relaxing Corpse Pose from a seated position. From your seated position, close your eyes and allow your hands to drop into a relaxed position. As you inhale and exhale, feel the motion of your body like a gentle wave. Feel your body relaxing.


Yoga is for Everyone

As you can see, you’re never too old to start practising yoga!

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Source: Millie Fuller